Emojis are awesome and marketers know that.

There is a growing trend in the use of emojis in marketing campaigns, emojis are now so popular that 17th July is in fact #WorldEmojiDay !

To mark #WorldEmojiDay Pepsi launched a campaign called ‘The Proposal’ which uses no dialogue; instead a man grabs his girlfriend’s attention through a restaurant window by holding up cards featuring emojis asking her to marry him.

One of the great things about emojis is that they are understood globally. Adrian Cockle, digital innovation manager at WWF describes emojis as the “first truly global language” as their symbolic nature means they have universal appeal, diminishing some of the normal challenges associated with marketing on an international scale.

The charity launched its #EndangeredEmoji Twitter activity in May after discovering that 17 characters in the catalogue of emojis represent animals at risk of extinction.

People are encouraged to take part by retweeting an image of all 17 animals and then for every subsequent time they use one of the endangered characters they pledge to donate €0.10. At the end of the month they receive a summary of their usage with a link to the charity where they can donate the suggested amount, another sum, or nothing at all if they choose.

From Ikea to McDonald, emojis are becoming a language brands use to engage with their audiences, however is this a long term way of communicating or just a digital craze of the moment?

Source: http://www.marketingweek.com/2015/07/21/are-emojis-becoming-marketers-go-to-global-language/?nocache=true&adfesuccess=1


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