*Knock, knock* “Who’s there ?” “Truffle Pig !”

“Who the heck is Truffle Pig ?!”

WPP, Snapchat and Daily Mail announced yesterday they are joining forces to launch a new content marketing company called Truffle Pig. The joint venture will focus on helping marketers produce and distribute branded content designed for new formats, such as “vertical video,” a style of shooting short form videos for smartphones that has been popularized by Snapchat. Marketing never fails to keep up with technology and as we know Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular so it is only a matter of time before marketers see this as an opportunity for advertising and promotion. Looks like Truffle Pig got in while the water was hot.

Marketers who elect to work with Truffle Pig will have access to Snapchat’s video production space in Los Angeles, where they can receive hands on training in the format. These brands will also be able to distribute content they produce via DailyMail.com in some cases. So yes there are perks included which provides an incentive for companies to jump on the bandwagon.

However, many marketers might wonder why they need to work with a company like Truffle Pig, given that in many cases their ad agencies and media partners are already tasked with producing sponsored content, especially if they have strong relationships with their ad agencies and media partners.

Mr. Jutkowitz, who will be the Chief Executive, said that Truffle Pig will allow ad clients to receive content production, strategy and distribution from a single entity, rather than requiring them to work with numerous partners—a factor that he think will make a difference for the new company. “When you put all these things together in one place, it turn into something different,” he said.”It isn’t up to every agency to create every single piece of content under its roof in the new era.”

Snapchat Chief Executive Evan Speigel, who spoke  during the advertising festival, was asked whether other big ad agency holding companies might be bothered by Snapchat’s partnership with WPP on Truffle Pig. “We’re not worried,” he deadpanned.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the development of Truffle Pig.

Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/cmo/2015/06/23/wpp-daily-mail-snapchat-partner-to-launch-content-marketing-company-truffle-pig/


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