Should Brands join Snapchat’s squad?

squad goals

Going back in time 4 years ago Evan Speigel launched the popular disappearing picture app from his dorm room while studying at Stanford University back in 2011 fast forward to 2015, Snapchat the app we all know and love today, now has 100 million daily active users (2015).

Freaking awesome right? Not just because the owners of Snapchat are basically sitting on a gold mine but this is HUGE for the world of digital marketing and here’s why…

Here’s a statistic for you:

15million people contributed to last New Years Eve live Snapchat story compared to 5 million who watched the New Years Eve celebration on ABC. Just let that sink in…

Snapchat is HUGE and it is growing with over 400 million snaps sent per day.

Following the haunting Snapchat video taken by one of the victims of the Charleston shooting, the platform is now quickly becoming a news brand. As Snapchat users submit their videos and pictures of events for public consumption, Spiegel argues that Snapchat offers something you can’t get from other linear forms of broadcast media – the ability to view an event from thousands of different perspectives. “We believe many different perspectives is better than one perspective,” Spiegel said at Cannes. Snapchat is also hiring journalists in order to learn how to cover newsworthy events, and has launched professionally created content, in the form of Discover, in partnership with CNN, Vice and Comedy Central. Snapchat is already on its way to become its own media platform.

Some brands have already joined Snapchat’s squad. Here are some creative ways brands are using Snapchat for marketing:

Taco Bell:

Taco Bell create some amazing content around tent-pole events, and it went all out for its 2015 Valentine’s Day campaign using Snapchat. The brand used the ‘Stories’ feature to publish a series of witty virtual Valentine’s card that followers could amend to send to their own sweethearts. Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours, but Taco Bell created a lot of buzz in the time it had. Well timed snaps can lead hungry customers directly to the restaurant to try the newest products or trusted favourites while the stories work well to keep fans engaged for when the suggestive snaps do come out.



While a tweet does stick around for eternity, much like a snap its usefulness is gone almost immediately. That’s where McDonalds’ use of Snapchat during the Super Bowl worked so well. They were actively integrating their tweets with their snaps in the moment, capturing their viewers on the couch at just the right time. Due to its very nature, Snapchat is very here and now. If you are in touch with your audience, you can reach them in the moment with just the right message at the right time.


Snapchat opens the door for a wealth of opportunities for brands and maybe it’s time for brands to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon and be a part of Snpachat’s squad.




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